What to expect 

When it comes to the wedding experience, a cake designer plays a significant role in creating a beautiful and delicious centrepiece—the wedding cake. You need to find a cake artist whom you trust to not only deliver a delicious cake but also design something perfectly suited to celebrate the uniting of two people in love.

Your Initial Enquiry

Once you have a confirmed date and venue, please reach out to us using the 'Contact us' page to check our availability. Please provide us with the details of your wedding date, venue, and, if possible, the approximate number of guests for whom the cake will be served. 


Feel free to share any initial ideas or designs you may have in mind. Don't worry if you're uncertain or overwhelmed with ideas; we can work together to figure out the perfect design.


To ensure the highest standards and attention to detail, we only take on one wedding cake order per week. Therefore, it's best to give us as much notice as possible to increase your chances of securing your desired date.

Taster Boxes  

Indulge in our tasting boxes, which offer a delightful opportunity to sample our delicious cakes. Each box includes five of our most popular flavours, crafted with the finest quality ingredients. 


Please note that we are currently redesigning our taster boxes, so be sure to check back for updates.

Design Consultation


Design consultations are by appointment only and can be conducted via Zoom or, if preferred, arranged as an in-person meeting at a local location. The wedding cake consultation is a crucial step in bringing your dream cake to life. During our initial meeting, we will discuss your vision, preferences, and explore specific designs you may be interested in. We can also incorporate personalized elements, such as monograms, motifs, or intricate details that reflect your unique story or interests. Together, we will ensure that the design aligns with your overall wedding theme and style.

Delivery and set up

Delivery charges are quoted individually, so please inquire about them when making your initial enquiry for your chosen venue.


On your wedding day, it is our responsibility to deliver the cake to the venue, ensuring it arrives in pristine condition. We take meticulous care during transportation to prevent any damage. The delivery and set-up times must be arranged in coordination with the venue, ensuring they are prepared to receive the cake at the designated time. A representative nominated by you must be present at the venue to provide a signed confirmation.


Once at the venue, we will set up the cake table or display, ensuring it harmonizes with the overall decor and theme. Our goal is to create a stunning focal point that complements the wedding's ambiance.

Booking and Contracts


If you are satisfied with the consultation and decide to proceed, we will provide you with a contract that outlines all the discussed details, including the design, flavours, size, pricing, and delivery arrangements. This ensures both parties have a clear understanding of the expectations. To secure your date, a non-refundable booking fee of £100 is required, with the remaining balance due at least four weeks before the event. You don't need to finalize your design at the time of booking; the final design of your wedding cake must be discussed at least four weeks prior to the event.


Drawing on your preferences and the information gathered, I will utilize my expertise to create a one-of-a-kind design that transforms your vision into a visually captivating and delicious wedding cake. Our aim is to leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Please note that the consultation is limited to two people.